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LaDonna L. Turrentine, Principal

Tanya Welchel, Assistant Principal


Five Johnson Teachers Win Chromebooks

Floyd County Board of Education approved a phase of 
Chromebook purchases to support more devices in classrooms. This year, the system decided to purchase classroom sets of Chromebooks for teachers for permanent use. Teachers applied for the Chromebooks following a categorical grant application. This is the most equitable, research-based, teacher-driven, student focused method of distribution Floyd County Schools has ever created. Five Johnson Elementary teachers have won classroom sets of Chromebooks!  The lucky winners are: Carol Estes, Holly Sutton, Buffy Davis, Denise Newby, and Kimbrell Raburn. 
With theses Chromebooks and the $16,000 raised at our Color RUN4FUN, we are closer to a one-to-one student to Chromebooks ratio for third through fifth grades.  We will also be able to take care of many technology needs for our kindergarten through second grades. 



JES Parents
Please complete the Georgia Parent Survey 
between October 3, 2016 - March 3, 2017. The results of these surveys help determine the School Climate Star Rating results for JES .....thanks in advance!

Georgia Parent Survey

The Georgia Parent Survey is also modeled after the student survey and contains 24 questions. Parents may complete the survey using their personal computer, smartphones or tablet.  For parents that do not have access to the Internet, school administrators should consider scheduling dates and times to allow parents to complete the Georgia Parent Survey at school.  All parents should be encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey because the data will be used as part of the calculation of the School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis.  Results from the Georgia Parent Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online.  The URL address for the Georgia Parent Survey is posted below.

Georgia Parent Survey:






Mission Statement:
At Johnson Elementary School we aim to create an environment where students will encounter life changing education. We aim to lead the next generation to FOCUS, LEARN, and ACHIEVE great success through high school graduation and beyond.

At Johnson Elementary School we believe:

in building positive relationships with students, parents, and community.

in providing a safe environment and an academic foundation to support learning for all students.

in making school relevant and meaningful to ensure student involvement.

in providing a solid foundation for a variety of options and pathways to graduation.

The Vision at Johnson Elementary School:

The graduates of Johnson Elementary will be prepared for college and career opportunities of the future.


A letter from Georgia's School Superintendent

Op-Ed by Superintendent Richard Woods

In October, we’ll release student scores for the first year of the Georgia Milestones Assessment System -- and I want to caution that scores will likely reflect a smaller percentage of students who are proficient than we have seen in previous years.


Taking an Honest Assessment of Where We Are

Why will scores likely reflect a smaller percentage of students who are proficient? Because Georgia Milestones sets a significantly higher bar for student proficiency compared to the old Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT). That’s not an arbitrary decision. Under the CRCT, Georgia had some of the lowest expectations in the nation for its students. Too many students were labeled as proficient when, in reality, they had not fully mastered the standards and needed additional support. That hurt our kids, who need to be competitive with others across the country and hurt our teachers by making it difficult for them to have a true picture of the academic strengths and weakness of their students. Read more...