Cool Cat Character Pledge


 I promise to RESPECT myself, others, and my school.

 I am RESPONSIBLE for my words, actions, and attitude.

 I promise to be SAFE by following all rules and directions.

 I pledge to learn all I can and do my best to be all I am!

JES is excited to once again continue with our school wide positive behavior support program called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  This program has proven to be effective.  The goal of PBIS is to create a social culture in our school building that will encourage positive behaviors and interactions, while discouraging problem behaviors. 


Once again we will be teaching positive social behaviors by implementing universal positive behavior support for the classroom, lunchroom, hallways, media center, office, field trips, restrooms, bus, etc…This preventive approach will help decrease the frequency of problem behaviors and reduce the development of more serious problems with students at risk.   We will continue to focus on positive behaviors.  Teaching, modeling, and reinforcing expectations are important pieces of a student’s educational experience.  PBIS will allow us to introduce, model/teach, monitor, and reinforce positive social behaviors.  Teaching behavioral expectations and acknowledging students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehavior to occur before responding.  This program will help us be more consistent with our expectations – we all will be using the same set of expectations throughout the school. All faculty and staff have been trained on how the program will work.


Our expectations are…..Be a COOL CAT at JES…..Be RESPECTFUL, Be RESPONSIBLE, and Be SAFE!  Students will be taught expected behaviors and can earn COOL CAT CASH when using expected behaviors.  Attached you will find a rubric explaining our behavior expectations , a calendar of activities that the COOL CAT CASH/POINTS may be used for and a list of student incentives.   


Unfortunately there will be a time when there will be a need for punishment-based strategies including reprimands, loss of privileges, time out, office referrals, detentions, and suspensions.  We will continue to use the above type consequences as deemed necessary and appropriate by the administration, but as each child is individually dealt with, there will be a time to reteach and reinforce JES Cool Cat expected behavior. 


Learn the expectations – Ask your child if he/she has received any COOL CAT CASH/POINTS – Talk to your child’s teacher about your child’s behavior – Congratulate your child when he/she gets COOL CAT CASH/POINTS. 





Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe




  • ¬Keep hands, feet, and eyes to yourself.
  • ¬Whisper voices/Level 1.
  • ¬Be quick.
  • ¬Flush.
  • ¬Keep clean.
  • ¬Walk.
  • ¬Keep feet on the floor.




  • ¬Music ON/Voices OFF/Level 0.
  • ¬Music OFF/Whisper Voices ON/Level 1.
  • ¬Raise your hand for assistance.
  • ¬Clean up after yourself.
  • ¬Get everything you need the first time.
  • ¬Keep your area neat and clean.
  • ¬Seat on the seat.
  • ¬Feet under the table.
  • ¬Walk at all times.




  • ¬Voices off.
  • ¬“Hallways Always”/Level 0
  • ¬Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • ¬“Hallways Always”/Level 0
  • ¬Walk and face the front.
  • ¬Keep your line straight on the right.
  • ¬“Hallways Always”/Level 0




  • ¬Take turns.
  • ¬Include others in play.
  • ¬Report problems.
  • ¬Level 2 voices
  • ¬Bring in what you take out.
  • ¬Line up quickly when called.
  • ¬Stay in designated areas.
  • ¬Use the equipment correctly.
  • ¬Keep hands, feet & objects to yourself.




  • ¬Keep feet quiet on the bleachers.
  • ¬Observe “Give Me 5.”
  • ¬Face the front.
  • ¬Be an active listener.
  • ¬Walk on the steps.
  • ¬Remain seated.


Arrival and Dismissal


  • ¬Whisper voices while students are leaving the gym/Level 1.
  • ¬Voices OFF when names are being called/Level 0.
  • ¬Keep stuff in your book bag.
  • ¬Keep book bag on your back.
  • ¬You may read a book
  • ¬Raise your hand for assistance.
  • ¬Walk at all times.
  • ¬Remain seated.





  • ¬Whisper quiet voices/Level 1.
  • ¬Use the back door.
  • ¬Wait your turn on the couch/bench.
  • ¬Leave when you are finished.
  • ¬Go straight to your room.
  • ¬Walk.
  • ¬Stay seated when waiting for the nurse.